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cosmetic surgery Plantation & Boca Raton, FL
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coolsculpting services Plantation & Boca Raton, FL
coolsculpting services Plantation & Boca Raton, FL


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coolsculpting services Plantation & Boca Raton, FL
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Where my story begins is with a friend who happens to be my massage therapist and she told me about Zerona and that it worked for her and gave me the information and the phone number for Forever Trim.

The staff was awesome.. Andrea was cheerful and very polite and informative and gave me the promo special that was currently running. i started February 1, 2013. the staff answered all my questions and were encouraging and were my own personal cheerleaders… the reps (Donna, Christina) that looked after me were also wonderful and gave me tips and helped me when my weight went stalemate for a week.. they told me to change things up in the meal plans and change my exercises to bike riding and swimming instead of walking at night…it worked…you have to trick your body sometimes.. they gave me plenty of information along my journey to better health – not only physically, but mentally as well.. it is a complete change for the rest of your life.. not a temporary solution. and Linda as my follow up rep is great – she took my pictures and still emails today to check up on my progress and give me encouragement.

What i have learned with my experience at Forever Trim was that the zerona will work and to get best results is to follow the guidelines of changing your eating habits and get moving again. if you discipline yourself and do not cheat – zerona is very successful.

I finished my treatments on April 15th and i had lost 40 lbs and i lost 30 inches.
Zerona works.
Thank you FOREVER TRIM in helping me get my life back!


At 72 years of age I vowed never to undergo the knife unless it was an emergency so a regular gface lift was not for me. I saw Ulthera on Dr. Oz show and it peaked my interest. A place near my home was offering the procedure so I went in and signed up. It is the best thing I have ever done. It was somewhat uncomfortable but very tolerable. The whole thing took a little over an hour and I was able to return to my work immediately afterwards. It’s been four months but my sagging turkey neck has been going up and up.
Thank You to Andrea for holding my hand during my treatment and following up with me.


Ever since my late 50’s I have noticed that I was losing my jaw line, my jowels were starting to sag and the worst part was that the skin under my chin was starting to look wrinkled and loose. Because of some health issues I did not want to have any type of invasive surgery. Then, through a friend, I found you.
Before deciding to do Ulthera, I did my homework. I read articles and watched videos. I was convinced that this was the right thing for me. It is now two months since I had my treatment and I am noticing such a difference. My friends have asked if I changed my makeup, some asked if I lost weight. I guess that is the beauty of Ulthera in that I certainly look a lot younger, refreshed but no one can really pin point as to what the change is from.

Thank you to the amazing, caring staff at Forever Trim. I didn’t think the people like you showed existed anymore. You all are the best!
Lynne G.



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