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Tickle LIPO

High Definition Liposuction with Unparalleled Results

Most consumers today are aware of Liposuction, as it is currently the most common cosmetic procedure performed in the country.  What most consumers do not know is the variety of options when choosing liposuction that are available, producing significant variations in results(amount of fat removed) and in appearance.

Eight years ago Dr. Michael Rodriguez (known as DrMagicMike) & Dr. Wayne Mucci researched and tested the different options available for liposuction for use in the practice.  The criteria was based upon a variety of parameters but most importantly, the system which was the best in removing the largest quantity of fat while providing a very comfortable experience for the patient.

Tickle Lipo was the clear choice for both objectives.  In fact, the reason this technology was named “Tickle” Lip was due to many patients that actually felt a tickling sensation when being treated.  The secret to its comfort and success is the gentle hi-speed rotation of the wand which removes the fat.  The tiny wands rapid circular motion sometimes tickles the ribs.  The benefit over other systems is that it gently liquefies the fat, without using any heat or the need for the doctor to use excessive force, as is necessary in other liposuction devices.

The liposuction procedure has evolved from a hospital procedure under general anesthesia, to one that can now be done without being put to sleep, avoiding the risk of general anesthesia.  Recovery from this procedure is now normally just a day or two before you may go back to work. Patients are able to leave typically within an hour of having the procedure.

Recently, we have seen non-invasive fat reduction devices appear on the market. There are significant differences and benefits for those who choose liposuction over a non-invasive treatment.  First and most importantly, the liposuction is all done in one session (vs multiple for non-invasive). The results are immediate (vs waiting up to 3 months).  The doctor will remove more fat in one session than could ever be achieved by a non-invasive method, due to the differences in technology.  Additionally, the doctor is able to sculpt the body to restore the curves that create that sexy body.

Dr. Rodriguez & Mucci have performed thousands of liposuction procedures, assuring you that you will be receiving a highly experienced physician to sculpt your body.  They have become like expert artists at work, making sure that the procedure creates a new curvy, sexy looking result.  You can rest assured you will be getting the most fat removed, the best curves, in a comfortable and safe environment.  All while you “laugh” off the fat.

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