INTRODUCING THE yoULIFT – “Not Your Mothers Facelift”

One of the first things we do everyday is look in the mirror. If you’re over 40, you probably have been noticing some changes which are not consistent with how young you feel… It is the natural aging process that makes us look old and tired. Unfortunately, regardless of our health we cannot stop the process. Fortunately with today’s advances in surgery we can turn back time with a 90-minute procedure. Imagine looking naturally 10 years younger in just 10 days and love what you see in the mirror. Face-lifts of old (your mother’s face-lift), were a major surgical procedure, requiring you to be put under general anesthesia, hospital stay and long recovery period. Additionally, often the lift resulted in a significant change to the persons look (unnatural), which made it very obvious to others that a lift had been done.

“You give us ten days we give you ten years.”


New advances in surgery have reduced both the risks and unnatural results of the past. Now the yoU Lift can be done safely, without general anesthesia, in the doctors’ office. Dr. Rodriguez perfected this lift, after years of feedback from patients that just wanted to “look as good as they felt” without major surgery and extensive recovery. The focus is on You, the patient, and You deserve to see a new more youthful person in the mirror each morning. Dr. Rodriguez explains, “The objective of the yoU Lift was to allow our patients to return to normal social activities within days. We have many patients hat sit down in front of their friends, ten days later, without them ever knowing they had work done. They would simply notice that you look naturally ten years younger, refreshed and rejuvenated. You give us ten days we give you ten years.


Dr. Rodriguez, trained in Beverly Hills, is a pioneer in this new technique that will firm up the face and neck, remove that double chin, tighten the skin and make you look naturally years younger. Having performed over 2,000 facial procedures, he has developed an unprecedented level of skill and mastery of this cosmetic procedure.

Before And After yoULift

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If you could have a face-lift in 90 minutes without pain, interacting with the doctor and staff in the comfort of the doctors office, would you consider it? 

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The yoU Lift developed by Dr. Rodriguez, is a proprietary lift, which creates a better outcome,using advanced technology. He explains why the yoU Lift is a leading edge solution. “After performing hundreds of facelifts, I felt I could improve patient satisfaction, with the addition of today’s other technologies. Through extensive research and testing, I decided to incorporate the use of the Ultherapy focused ultrasound device in my lift. This FDA approved device, is a perfect supplementation to improve the lift. A surgical face-lift is great at tightening the sagging skin, but does not improve the quality of the skin. I have found treating with the Ultherapy device (the “U” in the yoU Lift), creates an abundance of collagen throughout the face and dramatically improves the outcome and quality of the skin. This skin quality improvement is long lasting (up to 2 years). Additionally, when patients have excessive fatty tissue on the neck and jowls, I use laser lipo to eliminate the fatty tissue, which the face-lift itself would not achieve. All this is done safely, in the office, without the need for general anesthesia.”

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