cBHoi4FZ0bJhgWkj3cxoTTzfqd-M2UdZ2NFE1QBbpM0,8yGM2M6UOKSg72K2-r_x4w2dBS_RLlXKZzbmcqUW2ow,xiWXwbWhBSOzymhAvoKHAZtnWVzxtHvkz-oJUf77irc,n9jd_C_yhCeK9uCk7NY1Gt7rZcwbSEiUnpHd4y30-xIHappy Fathers Day!  Yesterday was the day to celebrate the dads in our lives.  Sometimes we forget that dads may feel self-conscious about their appearance. Maybe they have that same five pounds they’ve been carrying around for years that they just can’t lose. Others may cover up areas where they have unwanted, thick hair. Some may feel self-conscious about how much they perspire. At Forever Young and Trim we offer treatments and procedures to give dads their self-confidence back.

Coolsculpting is a quick, non-invasive treatment that helps eliminate the stubborn fat that exercise can’t. Other fat removal procedures use lasers and surgery that can destroy healthy tissue by burning and shattering non-fat cells. Coolsculpting uses a targeted cooling process that freezes and kills just the fat cells leaving the healthy cells intact.  Once the fat cells die, they are naturally eliminated from the body.  Thanks to this one-of-a-kind procedure, over 1.5 million people from around the world have been able to remove their stubborn fat.

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