Innovative Facelift Procedure in Plantation, FL

INTRODUCING THE yoULIFT – “Not Your Mothers Facelift”

One of the first things we do every day is look in the mirror. If you’re over 40, you probably have been noticing some changes which are not consistent with how young you feel… It is the natural aging process that makes us look old and tired. Unfortunately, regardless of our health, we cannot stop the process. Fortunately, with today’s advances in surgery, we can turn back time with a complete face/neck lift procedure. Imagine looking naturally years younger in just 10 days and love what you see in the mirror. Facelift procedures of old (your mother’s face-lift), were a major surgical procedure, requiring you to be put under general anesthesia, hospital stay and long recovery period. Additionally, often the lift resulted in a significant change to the persons look (unnatural), which made it very obvious to others that a lift had been done. Visit Forever Trim Cosmetic Centers for an exceptional facelift procedure in the Plantation, FL area.


Our New Safer & Simpler Facelift Procedure

New advances in surgery have reduced both the risks and unnatural results of the past. Now the yoU Lift facelift procedure can be done safely, without general anesthesia, in the doctors’ office. We have has perfected this lift, after years of feedback from patients that just wanted to “look as good as they felt” without major surgery and extensive recovery. The focus is on You, the patient, and You deserve to see a new more youthful person in the mirror each morning. The objective of the yoU Lift was to allow our patients to return to normal social activities within days looking years younger.

Dr. Kusuma is a double board certified plastic surgeon who has impeccable knowledge in the art of the facelift.  With his extensive background and after 17 years in practice, his before and after results are stunning.  The surgeon that performs your procedure should be a plastic surgeon, and focuses their practice towards faces.  Dr. Kusuma goal has always wanted to achieve for his practice, that it become the best facelift facility in Florida.  He is absolutely a 5 star physician on all the social platforms.

Additionally, he is directly involved in every follow up visit, and reaches out to each patient the first night after surgery and sees them again the next day. He has a phone based app that allows patients to directly contact him 24/7, which he makes available to all patients.

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