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As you have grown older over the years have you noticed your body changing?  Certain life-cycle processes have left you with discomfort and damaged your self-confidence. Whether it was the joy of giving birth to a child or the side effect of a medication. The FemiLift procedure is aimed at easing the discomfort and bringing back your self-confidence. FemiLift is quick, safe, and highly effective solution. It is designed to address a wide range of feminine health issues such as involuntary leakage of urine, virginal laxity, vaginal dryness, and recurrent infections.

What is FemiLift

FemiLift is a breakthrough technology using an Alma CO² laser to deliver fractionated thermal energy to assist in vaginal mucosa revitalization, Alma Lasers which manufactures the technology is the worldwide leader of aesthetic and surgical laser technologies. The Procedure is performed by inserting a probe into the vagina with a 360-degree rotation capability. It is a virtually painless procedure without surgery, anesthesia, or downtime.

The Benefits of FemiLift

  • No Pain
  • Vaginal Tightening
  • Increased Lubrication
  • Decreases Incontinence
  • Restore Sexual Gratification
  • Restore a Youthful Vagina
  • Strengthen Ligaments Around the Bladder and Urethra

Do I qualify for the procedure?

Step 1

Schedule a private consultation with your practitioner.

Step 2

You Practitioner will review your medical history.

Step 3

Your practitioner will do a routine gynecological exam including pap smear.

Step 4

You practitioner will advise you if you qualify for the procedure.

Step 5

If you do qualify,
your practitioner will schedule you for a minimum of 3 procedures every 4 weeks.

Hear from some of our patients

“I began to notice physiological changes to my vagina. I was very unhappy with the continued discomfort. Now that I have received my first FemiLift procedure, I feel the discomfort is reduced. There was a minimal pain and almost no downtime I am thrilled”

HN, Age 45

“My body changed considerably after having 4 children. I lacked self-confidence for several years but now with FemiLift my outlook on life is completely different”

EL, Age 53

“When I was diagnosed with breast cancer at 42, I was put on several medications. I immediately began to notice severe side effects including vaginal health. I approached my practitioner and she recommended FemiLift. After completing the recommended 3 procedures, my vaginal discomfort literally disappeared. FemiLift has been life changing for me”

RT, Age 47