The discovery of CoolSculpting started with a hunch. A scientist at Harvard University followed an observation that eating popsicles may be giving children dimples. The observation led to the discovery that fat cells can be harmlessly sculpted away to create the body of your dreams.

What makes us different:

The adult human body contains a set number of fat cells which are constantly being replenished. Losing weight causes fat cells to shrink but does nothing to affect the total number of fat cells or their location in the body. CoolSculpting is a revolutionary therapy that eliminates fat cells rather than simply shrinking them.

How it’s done:

Fat cells freeze more quickly than regular cells, meaning that it is possible to annihilate fat cells without harming the tissue around them. First, you will visit with a specialist to decide which parts of the body to target with the CoolSculpting method. The specialist will then place a vacuum-sealed gel pad over the target area. You will experience a chilly sensation which will dissipate over the first five to ten minutes of treatment. During treatment, you are free to use your phone, catch up on email, and play games. The fat cells in the target area will freeze and be discarded by the body’s natural immune system. Rather than causing weight loss, CoolSculpting allows you to change the shape of your body and eliminate those problem areas.

CoolSculpting is non-invasive and includes no required downtime. Target those problem areas and reshape yourself into the swimsuit figure you have always wanted.