Breast Lift (Mastopexy)

For most women, appearance is important. Women all over the world are constantly wanting improvement in their appearance and something as a simple breast lift can make you feel more physically attractive, confident, and can change your entire life for the better. It can give you the confidence you always dreamed of having. Today, with the help of modern technology, many women are able to alter the shapes of their bodies. Some women that have had kids and lost the fullness of their breasts, women that have lost weight, or ones that time has caused their breasts to sag may choose to undergo a breast lift- a safe, effective surgical procedure designed to improve the contour of a woman’s body by lifting the breasts and creating a fuller shape. Mastopexy is also performed in conjunction with breast implants to create breast enlargement.

Before Breast Lift Surgery

Prior to breast lift surgery, a thorough examination of the breasts is made to determine the most effective surgical approach for you, and a complete medical history is taken in order to evaluate the general health of the patient. The plastic surgeon will describe the procedure to you, the type of anesthesia to be used, what results might realistically be expected, and the possible risks and complications. Mammograms, x-rays, or photographs may be taken. Preoperative instructions often include the elimination of certain drugs containing aspirin leading up to surgery in order to minimize the chance of excess bleeding during the procedure. Birth control and other estrogen containing hormones may also be discontinued temporarily for the same reason. Antibiotics are often prescribed for a few days prior to breast augmentation surgery to prevent the risk of infection.

FYT_3082_Breast-LiftThe Procedure

Breast lift will be performed in our surgical center under local or general anesthesia. The plastic surgeon may choose from a variety of surgical procedures and will discuss with the patient different options depending upon what changes are desired. Prior to surgery, the breasts are carefully marked to indicate where incisions are to be made and premedication to relax the patient is administered.

One of the most frequently used techniques involves incisions made on both sides of the breast and around the areola. A keyhole incision is then made directly above the nipple. The cosmetic surgeon works through the incisions to remove excess skin from the lower part of the breast. The nipple, areola and underlying tissue are then repositioned into a new, higher location, and the skin from both sides of the nipple is brought down and sutured together to reshape the breast.

A modified procedure can be done on patients who have minimal sagging. This involves removal of skin from the areola and surrounding areas. When breast augmentation is performed in conjunction with mastoplexy, a breast implant is placed in a pocket created under the breast tissue or the muscle of the chest wall. Breast lift surgery can last 2 or more hours, depending on the patient and procedure.

Following Breast Lift Surgery

Following breast lift surgery, the patient will wear either special garments or bandages. These are usually replaced in a few days with a surgical bra which is worn for several weeks. Pain after the breast lift is minimal to moderate and can be controlled with oral medication prescribed to you after surgery. Antibiotics may be prescribed to prevent infection. Instructions for the day of surgery include bed rest and limited activities. Strenuous exercises and overhead lifting must be avoided for several weeks and the physician will determine when normal activities can be resumed.