INTRODUCING THE yoU LIFT – “Not Your Mothers Facelift”

If you are one of the 72 million Baby Boomers out there, you are probably very familiar with the traditional facelift and may have experienced one of your family members having one done. When we say “not your mothers facelift”, we are referring to the technology of old. Facelifts of old, were considered a major surgical procedure, requiring you to be put under general anesthesia with a very long recovery period. Many opted not to have a facelift merely due to the fear of the risks involved in being put asleep under general anesthesia. These concerns were certainly well founded as there is always an inherent risk when being completely under and it typically required hospitalization, which increases the possibility of infection from the hospital environment.
Additionally, often the lift resulted in a significant change to the persons look, which made it very obvious to others that a lift had been done. The old techniques used to lift the face, many times created an unnatural look which was not the desired outcome of the patient. Furthermore, there was a stigma that could not be avoided as many individuals did not want others to know “they had work done”. Many individuals have a negative perception of facelifts due to a negative experience they or someone they know has had.


As Baby Boomers one of the first and most noticeable signs of aging is that sagging skin on our face and that persistent “turkey” neck or double chin. Unfortunately, regardless of how healthy we are or great we may feel we cannot stop this normal aging process.


New advances in surgery have reduced both the risks and unnatural results of the past. Now, the yoU Lift developed by Dr. Rodriguez, can be done safely, without general anesthesia, in the doctor’s office. Dr. Rodriguez perfected this lift, after years of feedback from patients that just wanted to “look as good as they felt”, without major surgery or extensive recovery.
Dr. Rodriguez explains, “The objective of this new technique was to allow our patients to return to normal social activities within days. We have many patients that sit down in front of their friends, ten days later, without them ever knowing “they had work done. They would simply notice that you look naturally ten years younger, refreshed and rejuvenated”. Dr. Rodriguez, who trained in Beverly Hills, is a pioneer in this new technique that will firm up the face and neck, remove that double chin, tighten the skin and make you look naturally years younger. He has developed an unprecedented level of skill and mastery of this cosmetic procedure, performing over 2000 facial procedures. He has developed a technique that allows for an outstanding result without the risks, unnatural results and downtime of the traditional facelift. Natural looking result, pain free, done in office without significant risk, rapid recovery, back to normal activities and looking great in ten days. All this is available to you today, certainly not like “your mothers face lift”. Give us ten days and we give you ten years.

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