Z-300x300Summer may almost be over, but one of the perks of living in Florida is the fantastic fall season: the sun continues to shine, and the temperatures cool from stifling heat to near perfection. It’s the ideal weather for lowering the top of that convertible (or sunroof, that works too!) and feeling the warm wind in your hair….But what if there isn’t enough hair for the wind to whip? This Florida fall fantasy has hit a snag–luckily, Forever Young and Trim has a solution.

Forever Young and Trim offers Laser Hair Therapy, the most effective system of hair restoration on the market today. Effective for both men and women, the process involves no drugs, invasive surgery, or inconvenient side effects. Laser Hair Therapy works based on the concept of phototherapy, which asserts that light from lasers creates a photo bio-stimulation effect to increase the blood flow to hair follicles. Hair loss is often caused by the hormone DHT, and increasing blood flow to the hair and scalp helps diminish build-up of DHT as well as facilitate the delivery of vital nutrients and oxygen to the follicle. As a result, hair will look and feel thicker, fuller, and healthier.

With Forever Young and Trim’s Laser Hair Therapy, you’ll feel the wind in your hair again soon! Call today to schedule an appointment: 954-440-1820.