10640955_sEveryone always complains about crow’s feet and gray hair as they begin to age, but did you know the first signs of aging actually start in the neck area? If the skin on your neck is beginning to sag—also know as the dreaded “turkey neck”—Forever Young and Trim has the solution for you: a neck lift!

With aging, you can lose the definition in your jaw line that you have always had. An aging neck may appear loose or saggy, and some people may notice the weakening of the platysma muscle. A neck lift is a procedure that offers dramatic results for removing and tightening the loose skin on your neck. The procedure’s objective is to improve the look of your neck by removing excess fat and skin, removing any signs of a turkey neck!

Don’t let aging get you (or the skin on your neck) down. Call Forever Young and Trim today to make an appointment: 954-440-1820.