14852735_sAre you working hard to lose weight but the fat just won’t go away? Open to the idea of liposuction but turned off by possible pain and recovery time? Forever Young and Trim has the perfect procedure for you: Zerona LipoLaser!

Zerona LipoLaser operates on the basic principles of photochemistry, which studies the interaction between atoms, molecules, and light. Zerona LipoLaser is a non-invasive, laser-based fat reduction and body contouring system. Rather than painful surgery, the Zerona LipoLaser uses light energy to safely and painlessly penetrate skin and specifically target fat cells. During the relaxing 40-minute sessions, your fat will practically melt away, even in the body’s most stubborn areas, producing beautiful results.

Feel like making a change but a afraid of pain? Zerona LipoLaser may be the perfect solution to your weight loss problem. Call Forever Young and Trim today to make an appointment: 954-440-1820.