12039936_s“He sees you when you’re sleeping. He knows when you’re awake. He know if you’ve been bad or good, so be good for goodness sake!”

It’s that time of year again. Santa has his eye on us, so we’ll want to be on our best behavior—or at least look our best! Forever Young and Trim eye lid surgery will restore the twinkle in your eye and have you looking better than ever. 

The eyes are the hub of human expression–but wrinkles, fine lines, sagging, and dark circles can hinder this form of expression. Blepharoplasty (eye lid surgery) works to correct problems areas around the eyes caused by genetics and sun exposure. Wrinkles, sagging, and dark circles around the eyes are eliminated by removing any excess skin and fat on the upper and lower eyelids. Although often done in conjunction with other lifting procedures, eye lid surgery itself leads to a more awake, youthful appearance. 

The big man in the red is watching, so contact Forever Young and Trim to ensure you’re looking your best! Call today to schedule your consultation: 954-440-1820.